Welcome to the


Vavaʻu, Kingdom of Tonga



We are at the very centre of Neiafu, capital of Vavaʻu.

At one side close to the sea, the Port of Refuge, one of the best harbours in the world, famous for its sailing regattas, diving, fishing, whalewatching… All watersports you can dream of.

At the other side in town close to restaurants, shops, offices, governments buildings… You name it.

In fact we are not at the centre of Vavaʻu. We are the centre.

Vavaʻu is famous for swimming with the whales (May — Sep only)
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How to come to Vavaʻu?

If you have a yacht, you probably already know.

Otherwise first fly to Tonga from New Zealand, Australia, or USA (through Fiji), with Air New Zealand, Air Pacific or Pacific blue. Then you can take the ferry (only for the adventurous with plenty of time) or aeroplane (daily flights) from Tongatapu to Vavaʻu. Contact your travel agent or Lulutai for more information.

Occassionally there are also direct flights to Vavaʻu from Fiji and Sāmoa, but their schedule is irregular.